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From designers "Rôla e Costa", known for “Café”, “Dom Pierre” and “Lunaris 45”, our Boardgame this year is “Stephens”, and will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2024.


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Game Overview

In 1755, with a major earthquake tearing down Lisbon and most of the southern coast of Portugal, it was imperative to rebuild an entire nation. The demand for window glass increased to such an extent that William Stephens, a British businessman, expanded his business to Portugal by investing in the glass industry.


In 1769, Stephens purchased the glass factory located in Marinha Grande, a small town surrounded by a vast pine forest planted in the sand centuries earlier. Thanks to the significant support of the Marquis of Pombal and the protection of King José I, this glass factory grew to the same level as its largest European competitors and became an import- ant factor for development in the region and the entire country.

William and his brother John hired glassmakers from England and Italy, bringing them to work in Portugal. Utilizing their commercial skills and strong civic education, these brothers were able to create an unprecedented industry that provided medical care, education, and culture for the workers and their families.

Their initiative and resilience attracted other Portuguese industrialists to open new factories in the following years, creating new jobs and introducing new resources. Even during the destructive and oppressive Napoleonic invasion, the town held its ground and, with the momentum of the Royal Glass Factory, returned to the path of being a great industrial center that still exists today.

In Stephens, you take on the role of a master glassmaker working at the famous Stephens' factory, striving to become the most prestigious person in town - second only to William Stephens himself, of course. Through clever planning, you will develop your works, invest in new local businesses, and promote the creation of new jobs.

On your turn, you must choose a single action to perform from a variety of options using a distinct action selection mechanism:

You either take a single cube from a factory   OR   you take a single disk from your player board


While you and the other master glassmakers strive to prosper and grow your personal investments, the French army advances towards the town. Stephens is played over an undefined number of sequential turns until the arrival of the Napoleonic forces in the town.   


1x  Main Board

4x Player Boards



39x Contract Cards



23x Red Profession Cards   



23x Blue Profession Cards   



32x Investment Cards

4x Starting

Profession Cards

32x value 1

16x value 5

48x Escudo* Coin


8x Basketware

8x Chandeliers

8x Crates

24x Acessory Tiles

* Escudo was the currency in Portugal before the Euro.

1x French Army Marker

84x Wooden disks 

(21 per player)

4x Influence Markers 

(1 per player)

60x Translucent Cubes

20x green (bottles)

20x blue (glassware)

20x white (plate glass)

60x Wooden Cubes

20x orange (wooden utensils)

20x pink (fabrics)

20x black (pottery)



Historical Information

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