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The design of boardgame “Dom Pierre”

From the designers of "Café", "6 Castelos" and "Yinzi", Rôla e Costa, "Dom Pierre" is the first boardgame release of publisher Pile Up Games.

In “Dom Pierre” boardgame, players are responsible for one of the oldest wine producing houses in the champagne region. At the end of the 17th century, a French Benedictine monk, in charge of the cellar at Hautvillers Abbey, made an important factor in the desired differentiation of the wines of that region.

Particularly throughout the 19th century, we will plant more and more vineyards, we’ll have great harvest years and we’ll mix varieties in search of the best nectars!

The local economy is boosted by the need of various accessories for production and packaging. Employment increases as players need more and more workers and salesmen that will cross Europe and even the Atlantic to promote and sell the best champagne.

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